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Your membership subscription gets you full access to which includes pre-recorded workouts, LIVE weekly workouts with Joe, weekly yoga sessions, monthly cook-alongs and more. And to top it off, a portion of your subscription will be donated to The Avett Brothers Crew members.


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  • Weekly live workout with Joe
  • On-demand workout videos
  • Weekly live yoga class
  • Live cook-alongs with top chefs
  • Access to replays of all live streams!

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Giving Back

"The pandemic has shaken the music industry from the ground up and no one has been more impacted than the crew members for touring artists. The Avett Brothers crew members are the backbone of our live shows, so I want to make sure a portion of every subscription will be evenly distributed amongst our eight touring crew members. We will keep a donation component alive once tours return — which can’t be soon enough — by rotating in new charities on a regular basis."

—Joe Kwon